Year Five Main 11+ Course 

This course is a three-week rotation between writing, maths and verbal reasoning.


The course covers all requirements for the Medway 11+ test and all requirements excluding non-verbal and spatial reasoning for the Kent 11+.  

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Class times: Saturday 10am, 11am and 12 noon.

Location: Medway Archives, Community Hall.

Extended Writing 

During this section of the course, students will be taught about various styles and genres of writing and the requirements needed to answer a task at length.


Spelling, punctuation, grammar (SPaG) and vocabulary building are technical skills that will be honed alongside creative skills: imagination and literary devices.


The course will focus and enhance skills in number, measurement, geometry, ratio and proportion, algebra, and statistics.


Once topics are grasped, students will progress to applying their knowledge to the unfamiliar to strengthen problem solving capabilities and proficiency in understanding mathematical ideas.

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Verbal Reasoning


In these sessions, students work on understanding and reasoning to develop their analysis of written information.

Through comprehension, cloze, vocabulary activities and the twenty-one standard VR question types, students work on problem solving with words and language.