Kent 11+ Test

If you would like your child to be considered for a Kent grammar school, they will need to sit the Kent 11+ test. 

A child can take the Kent 11+ even if they don't live in Kent. 

What is the test made up of?

The test consists of 3 papers:

- Maths and English

- Verbal, Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning

- Extended Writing 

How is the exam marked?

Maths and English Paper

The Maths section is a 30-minute multiple choice question paper including but not limited to the following mathematical topics: number, measurement, geometry, ratio and proportion, algebra, and statistics. 

The English section is a 30-minute multiple choice question paper including comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) questions. 

Reasoning Paper

This paper is split into three reasoning sections verbal, non-verbal and spatial and is a multiple choice question paper. 

Extended Writing Paper

A writing task that could take multiple formats (story, letter or diary for example) and is marked on spelling, punctuation, grammar, wide vocabulary and content.

Students have to pass all three elements to be successful. The extended writing is only marked if a student is borderline.

Closest Kent Grammar Schools to Medway

Holcombe Grammar (Boys)

Chatham Girls Grammar (Girls) 

Gravesend Grammar (Boys) 

Mayfield Grammar (Girls)

Dartford Grammar (Boys)

Dartford Grammar School for Girls (Girls) 

Invicta Grammar School (Girls) 

Oakwood Park (Boys)

There are 32 Kent Grammar schools. 

Kent Familiarisation Booklet


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