Fair Banding Test

Schools in Medway that have the fair banding test:  Brompton Academy, Strood Academy and Victory Academy.


Why would you need to register? 

If you are planning to name any of the three schools on your application, you must register for the fair banding test.


How do you register?

Each school has its own fair banding test so you’ll need to register your child with each school.

Registration forms will be available on the school websites


What does the test include?

Cognitive ability, literacy and numeracy.

Approx. 40 minutes per paper.

Test date

During September and October of year six.

Check the relevant academy’s website for more information.



This test is not marked as pass or fail but used to assess a students academic level.

(This includes children with Special Education Needs (SEN) statement or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The test sorts children into bands based on their level of ability.

Each academy will have five bands (based on the national ability range) to ensure a spread of ability across the school.


What if my child does not take the test?

It may reduce their chance of being offered a place at a banded school. Students who have not taken the fair banding test will only be considered for a place after those who have.


If your child is offered a place without taking the test a time will be arranged for them to do so prior

to the start of year seven to be placed in a teaching band.


Do I get to see the results?

You’ll be notified of your child’s results by email.